Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions. Write us or DM on Instagram if you have other questions.


We recommend Paypal. It offers various payment methods and insures orders. you simply have to choose your payment method (PayPal credit, debit or credit card) and confirm your order.

Payment  Methods

  • I don’t have Paypal account

Paypal support credit card as your payment method.  All you need to do is create a Paypal account and follow the instruction to send payment. Set up a account on Paypal is FREE.

  • Can I use my Credit card directly ?

Sorry, you have to create a Paypal account first and use credit card via Paypal.

Engraving / Photo watches

  • Engraved content provided by buyer. Or you can choose our well-design contents, check. Engraving service will extend the processing time than unengraved order.
  • Processing time for custom photo watch is 7~14 days, photo provided by customer.

Are the watches water proof ?

As wood is a nature material, we like to say our wood watches are “splash safe” – meaning water exposure such as washing your hands , a little sprinkle on rainy days, will not hurt your watch.  But our watches are not designed to be completely submerged under water.  Do NOT wear your watch when taking showers or swimming.  

We don’t offer warranty for water damage.


Woodtell grants a one (1) year warranty period on its watches. The warranties guarantee the buyers that the products meet the standards of usability, reliability and durability.

The warranties do apply :

Movement , dial, watch hands, incorrect time keeping

The warranties do not apply in case of:

  • theft or loss package;
  • intentional damage;
  • damages as a result of improper usage such as scratching, bumping, falling, showering, or submerged under water;
  • normal wear and tear or aging of the used materials;
  • damages as a result of neglected care.
  • Battery’s dead.

I want to apply my warranty


Put the watch in a box when you are not wearing and keep it properly conditioned.  With proper care, your wood watch can be worn for many years to come.

  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity
  • Use a cotton bud to apply olive oil to the wood part and allow it to dry.